Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Slowly but surely things are starting to come together in the screened-in porch room!

Mike is definitely wary about the preponderance of multi-colored pillows but I think it looks suuuper fun.

Eileen and I used our he-man skills to put together the lovely rocking chairs on Thursday - I cannot even explain how comfortable these are - for sure my favorite purchase in a while!
No pictures "during" - we needed all our hands
This was to show the chair and highlight the ridiculous floor tearing up that needs to happen
So when the bench came yesterday, Mike wanted to build it right away. But the Phils were on. And Cliff Lee was working on his 3rd shut out in a row!
What to do?
Build it in the living room of course! It's hot outside anyway.
Needed all hands again, but here he is finishing it up
Someone thought it was their new living room spot
Weirdo dog loves watching TV
So anyway, after Lee blew minds of color commentators everywhere with his stats, we took all the stuff outside and dressed it up!:
Zombie Dog
Lemon is showing off a new floor cushion as well - wrapped in plastic, obvs

See bug zapper, bottom right. We really need to replace those screens...
This is the view a stalker would have. Pretty.
So that's what we're working on now. Waiting for the tables. The rug is here but we need to at least hyper clean the floors and walls before we put that down (we might have to wait to tackle ripping up that outdoor carpet, it is pretttty determined to hang on).

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