Friday, July 8, 2011


I have a billion things to share with all of you - lots going on around the casa and in life, which unfortunately means I'm too busy to update as much as I'd like! But I took these pics a few nights ago so I thought I'd at least share this DIY upgrade.

Note: sorry the past few posts have had incredibly crappy photos, we've had workers in our house so I hid my camera...then forgot where I hid it. But don't worry, I found it while doing laundry (obviously)

There was nothing wrong with our master water closet (I can call it this cause it's just a little room with a toilet and shower. And it makes me feel fancy) per se, but I knew the shower could be better - it's a fairly large stall shower (about 5 ft x 3 ft) and the water pressure is good. Buuut there was shelving, and I am NOT down with my shampoo, etc., on the floor of the shower and neither was Mike.  Also, I've always wanted a handheld shower sprayer; I grew up with one and always missed it - plus, it's excellent for Lemon bathing :)

SO! We found a super cool Moen shower head at Sam's of all places (go in for bulk chicken breasts and salmon, leave with a shower head, natch) 
Here's how it looks all closed in
The set
Shown with my meaty paw for comparison
  The other big-ish purchase is this awesome hold-everything stand we got at Bed Bath & Beyond.  It's a Simple Human (makers of $4000 trash cans) so I assume it's up to snuff - it got great ratings and is supposed to be rust-proof and quite sturdy. So far so good!
Useful area
Some asides: no bathroom (or room in this house apparently) is without its quirks, including this one.  Behold the demon light!
It's really probably just a room heater that we'll super appreciate in the winter, and there is a timer involved, so it's also probably more high tech than I even realize haha. I just think it's funny that our WC is the red light district.
Also, I am super duper extra skeeved out by bare feet in showers/any tile floor that is unfamiliar to me. Like it's my weird thing. So yeah, I'm still rocking the flip flops, college style, in my own shower. Shh.
Must add bleach to the Target list
 So that's a little tour of our new(ish) and improved(ish) WC! Since only one of them slides on the track we are hoping to get new shower doors soon (shocker: they are not standard sized doors) and possibly a new toilet as well (since we assume cracks in the tank that have been superglued are not optimal...)- Mike's obviously saving up for one of these probably in gold. Go big or go home, right?!

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