Monday, July 11, 2011

Outdoor Livin'

So all of our outdoor furniture finally arrived! And we have been loving it! Sitting outside for eating and just hanging out has been great!

We cleaned every inch of the room with the shop vac, regular vac, Clorox wipes, etc., and finally put all of our (assembled!) stuff in there. Then accessorized with some pillows, plants (see below) , and citronella candles.  I have more stuff (of course) like lights, a bucket for Lemon's toys, and possibly going to put a crate out there for eating and grilling stuff. Exciting! And definitely better than before
View from the inside
Another view
Floor pillows for overflow (and Lemon's water dish in the background)
Our favorite vintage cooler
The only coffee table we own
Rocking chair set with accent table
My attempt at gardening...story below
Ok, so I am not a gardener. Not at all. But i have kept these succulents alive for almost a year! They came from the little gardening shop at Reading Terminal in their own little terra cotta pots.  A florist told me that succulents like to be all close together and do well transplanting, so it struck me the other night to do this. Yes, at night. In the dark. But that wasn't my only obstacle...

But Katie, you don't have any soil!
No worries, I have a whole yard, I'll just dig some up!
But Katie, you don't have any garden tools!
It's ok, I have a big metal spoon, don't I ?!

And that is how Lemon came to find me huddled by the hose, wetting the ground so that I could dig up clumps of dirt with a serving spoon and then carrying this surprisingly heavy and filthy planter back into the sunroom. Mike asked me what I was doing and I yelled "nothing!" while scrambling to cover my mess like a little kid.

I think I need to leave gardening to the professionals... aka just buy already potted plants at Lowe's. And leave them in the pots they come in.

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