Thursday, July 14, 2011

Let's be democratic about this...

Update: I also found this to be in the running:

I need a vote friends. I am lucky to have such people around with wonderful taste, because I am having the hardest time ever picking a coffee table. 

For reference, this room has two dark brown bookcases on either side of a dark brown table stand, all fairly traditional and pretty plain. 

Then there's a dark leather couch, a patterend white, black, and khaki chair, a khaki ottoman and a light gray rug.

I also have two very vintage slightly femme side tables with carerra marble tops (gray/white) - I haven't decided what I'm going to paint the bottoms of those yet, depends on the coffee table somewhat! But that's why I'm thinking a cleaner coffee table is best. 

Oh and PS I'd prefer not to spend over $500 or so. And yes I have looked in stores, but haven't been thrilled, and online prices seem to be better. 

As you can see by the pics below I'm not set on a style, but would love to know your thoughts!
Simple but classic
The room is a little narrow, so thought this could be useful. Essentially the same color as the other furniture
Nice leggggs
A bit utilitarian. I like it a lot, but it might be TOO different?
Probably the most like the other furniture we have
My fave. But it's on the large side and of course the most expensive.  I like the grey tinge, but I'm worried about bulk
The only non-wood option, but love the lines and it might be nice to do a metal? But I don't want it to look like glorified outdoor furniture

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