Monday, July 11, 2011

Fireplace... In Progress

Thought you'd enjoy seeing the fireplace progress (plus another biggie)

This weekend we were able to paint over the previously poorly painted stones - for the record, I would have just left it natural stone if they hadn't painted over it and ruined it already!  I tried sanding paint off but that didn't work unfortunately.
Let the cleaning begin!
This is as clean as I could get it; that soot is burned on. And I wasn't planning on cleaning the inside!
Almost done! I'll explain the mantle paint below...
Mike came in to help me finish
So this was the fireplace. Definetly better than before, but still looked odd to me.  So I impulsively painted part of the mantle, since we had to repaint it white either way. Oops! Looked awful.

BUT I think I found a solution - see the white trim on the right side below? It really made a difference, especially in person, so I think we are going to build (hold the laughs please) a little frame out so the mantle won't look so just plopped on there, which I think is the problem. Stay tuned!

And did you notice? The FLOOR?! More on that later...

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