Monday, July 11, 2011

Floors: Before!

So I don't have pictures ready yet of the NEW floors, but we were prepping all last weekend for our new kitchen, powder room, and den floors to be laid (we thought a professional was best for this, the floors are a bit uneven).
The den before
Close-up of the floors - yuck
Why it's a subfloor
The kitchen. Pretty obvious why this one needed to go
Another (bigger than anticipated) project was the powder room.  Smallest room = biggest grief!  It was wallpapered, so we cockily were like oh we'll just get some goo gone business and strip it down.  But it was barely coming off like that. Torture. So we bought a cheap steamer (I wanted it for cleaning anyway) for like $40 and that seemed to do the trick a little better.

And then the walls were in terrible shape. Awesome.  But sanding helped, as well as some spackling. But basically, it looked like a total crack den in there the night before the floor people came, observe:
Hole behind the old medicine cabinet?
Mid project (I was sitting on the trash bag)
Realized we needed to take the baseboards down because the wallpaper went under them. Ugh!
Mike does the stuff that requires the ladder. Also, we took the door off. But not before I sweated my face off with it closed like an idiot
After photos coming soon! Sorry to be such a tease, but it looks great :)

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