Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Worst Blogger Ever!

Hi friends - sorry it's been so long since I've updated!  I severely underestimated how overwhelming this whole moving process would be.

I vow (vows are super serious!) to take some pictures tonight and expand on some plans we're working on!

In the meantime, I'll just share a small list of what needs to be tackled right now so you can cut me a tiny bit of slack - and then judge me for catching up on our DVR instead of doing these things...

  1. Gas conversion for new stove
  2. Build a mounting apparatus for the new venting microwave
  3. New floors in kitchen and den
  4. Clean kitchen cabinets so all of our stuff can be put away!
  5. Paint dining room
  6. Build out judges paneling in dining room
  7. Frame out opening between kitchen and dining room
  8. Paint fireplace
  9. Strip wallpaper and paint powder room
  10. New lighting and mirror and cabinet for powder room
  11. Rearrange furniture
  12. Make curtains
  13. Learn how to sew
  14. Buy coffee table
  15. Paint vintage side table
  16. Paint & get hardware for vintage cabinet
  17. Paint & get hardware for corner china holder (the real name for that is escaping me right now)
  18. Find buffet table
  19. Paint entry way and get new door handles for the coat closet
  20. Get newel post and new stairway handrail and posts
  21. Replace the runner going up the stairs
  22. Find little vintage mail table and make it cute
  23. Cry in a corner
  24. Dear god this is only the downstairs

Are you still reading? Are you good at landscaping? Or bathroom remodels? Oh good, come over...

No, really, you are all welcome any time. I'll make you PB&J! Or cereal! Or toast! Or anything that doesn't require a range or microwave... cause... see numbers 1 and 2...

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