Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Now with pics! Bistro: Round 2

Remember when I emphatically said "But we must have a bistro table!"

Yeah I wasn't so much kidding.

Except I took it to a whole other level. It all started with these ridiculously comfortable rocking chairs at Sam's. Ever since wandering around the joint with Eileen and her 40 oz. icee and randomly coming across these exceptionally comfortable sit-upons I knew they had to be mine!

So I made a special trip with her (and icee, round 2) to pick up these fab guys. We rushed right over to the outdoor section only to find. GRILLS. Just grills grills and more grills. And pool cleaners, and outdoor lights, and coolers, and hoses, and 145 piece dining sets, but NO ROCKERS.

Distraught, I took to the internets, where luckily, I could pretend to be Cath and finally order my rocking chairs!

But as you know, shopping at 11pm can get a little dangerous. Especially when you have a "vision" for your porch. And oh, I've got visions.

So a quick pop over to World Market and I see all of their outdoor stuff is on sale. Ohhh boy.

Now by the time the month is over, our drab, I-started-to-rip-up-the-carpet-but-it-was-hard-and-that's-about-all-I've-done, is going to be a colorful outdoor paradise!

UPDATE: I was able to upload pics! This is the basic layout I sketched up:

And here are pics of the actual items going in:
A pair of these lovelies
With these pillows on them

And a little table in between them
A coffee table in the middle - juuust realized we don't even have one for the living room yet. Great job Katie...

Flanked by floor pillows - we're so boho chic
Then this lovely bench
With these pillows
And these! Mike was worried they look African... I'm not really sure where that came from?  But I'm entertained

The rug pictures were not cooperating, but suffice to say, it's neutral. Tan with a darker brown double border. It will make a nice grounding piece and for sure cover that carpet if it proves harder to rip up than we thought!

So. Who's coming over?!

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