Tuesday, April 26, 2011

But we *must* have a bistro table!

I am INTO this weather! Seriously the sunshine and higher temps have me jonesin' for some outside dining and general hanging out. We were in Target the other day getting actual things we needed (groceries on sale, dog food, etc.) when I saw all of their outdoor furniture and did a (quite embarassing) little happy dance about our al fresco possibilities... Mike wasn't convinced, hence my unintentionally ridiculous quote (see post title).

I'm thinking that the den room that leads to the screened in porch will for sure be one of the most-used rooms in our home from June-September, and I definitely want to do something fresh and fun, and let's be honest, preppy. Though I'm fairly sure we won't be setting sail on the Delaware any time soon, Mike is the proud new owner of some hot kicks, and we agree that lime and navy is one of our favorite combos!

Thus, another plan for another room - lots of white, khaki, appley limey green, and crisp navy.

Here's what I've dreamed up so far:
These teak beauties from Sams (of all places) are crazy comfy in person
 Thought this would be a wonderful seat cushion fabric (Mike is on the fence, he thinks it's a little "wild")
 Love LOVE this little tray for boots and shoes and such from Ballard Designs
Cannot wait to hunt out one of these little Chinese garden stool beauties at Home Goods - alas, not in the budget to buy one from Ballard - and this rug from Garnet Hill is basically everything I want in life. 
I'm gonna cover our old couch with some khaki slipcovers, and since in this fantasy blog world I can sew, I thought these lovely little patterns would make a cute pillow or two
 Loving this coffee table from Home Decorators

Oh and I jumped the gun a little and picked up this beaut on sale while I was ordering preppy clothing items. Shock.
Greek keys are also high up on my loving list, and this fabric is doin it for me too...though I probably need something more plain if I get my lime green zig zag way
   Bunting stuff is so trendy right now, I wonder if I could do a little without having full-scale regatta decor back there... 

All in all, we can sum this up by saying: Boat Shoes or No Shoes. Boom.

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