Friday, April 22, 2011

Playing Designer

So I was planning on posting pictures of my incredibly messy bedroom, etc., but I didn't get home til 11 last night (after a SPECTACULAR dinner at The White Dog Cafe in Wayne btw) so I pretty much just crashed with a quality Lemon snugglefest...

BUT I wanted to share something so I thought I'd share inspiration for my future CLEAN living room! It's the room I'm most excited about and have the clearest vision for sooo here goes!:

The second image is from Sarah's House on HGTV (LOVE!) and the first is from House Beautiful.

Here are some things I have picked out so far that I'm thinking can help acheive the look on a realistic budget (psst, the furniture is all pretty much from the Home Depot Decorator site and, and the fabric is from :

 Love that this is actually grey, and can offset some of the more feminine patterns with nice clean straight lines: 
Slightly rustic console table would give a nice contrast to our other furniture that's dark and new:
  Coffee table Mike actually likes:
 Rug Mike hates...and I LOVE (shocker):
 Possible curtain fabric? (Katie, who is going to make these curtains? Since when do you know how to sew? Shh, it's fine! It's just a straight line! Oh... maybe I'll price out seamstresses):
Complimentary curtain fabric (Note to self, does bridesmaid magician seamstress make curtains???):
 A great compromise couch for the hubs who "needs" to be able to flop around and watch tv (fair enough):

Some sort of a more formal loveseat, I'm quite obsessed with tufted back items - but they were deemed not flopsy enough for the main couch (see above):
Yeah, this chair or one like it proooobably isn't going to fly with ol' Marin, but I just want something with a fun but neutral pattern, maybe even a thrift find that the yet-to-be-found upholsterer/seamstress/livesaver could redo:

Best of all? The room is already painted a lovely greige color that is pretty much what I would have picked anyway! Just need to paint the bow window trim white:

So, wish me luck! On both doing these projects and convincing Mike...


  1. So, first of all, yellow and grey=literally my favorite color combo ever. So I'm jealous already. Second of all, I had been looking for a media console similar to what you found there but am on a Target budget and settled.

    Now, I will be annoying Chris with how light and beautiful your home is and will want to again, change everything in my house.

    There is nothing I don't love about both of those rooms so I'm sure you (and Martha) will come up with something gorg.

    Good luck with the decorating and demo ahead aannndd with convincing Mikey that your vision will work. I can subtly suggest that he likes it.

  2. Thanks for being my only commenter ;)

  3. I love this look, it's so classic, yet modern. I have no decorating experience whatsoever, but I know what I like and I like these choices! A comfy couch is definitely a must!! Let Mike be in charge of that one. You have to give the boy say! You, of course, get veto power. :)

  4. Court, I know, I like to live in a fantasy world where form rules over function... But let's be serious I love laying on couches, so Marin wins this round...