Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wellll you might need 4 guys...

I finally pulled the trigger and hired movers!!!

In typical Katie fashion when I say pulled the trigger I clearly mean procrastinated and then the date we actually wanted was booked and now we're moving on a Monday.  That's when cool people move right? May 23rd for those keeping track / volunteering their packing services...

This will be ok (Mike) because: The only thing you really need need when you move in are sheets and towels - and we have the house for almost a month before we move all our stuff, so I'm sure it will be fiiiiine. Just don't cross me from Tues-Thurs that week (we also took of Friday to have a 4 day weekend of getting our shizz together).

I am a list LOVER, so I thought it would be easiest to list these things out to share... in real life these lists will probably be pretty intense, complete with sub categories and possibly colored pens

To do before actually moving:
In the City:
1. Get rid of stuff we don't need

2. Um, pack.

3. Throw a sleep over bachelorette party for 10 (no joke)

4. Visit our favorite spots a billion times in fear we're going to be lame and not come see them anymore (but, Katie, you're working in Center City everyday. Shh! We need to be nostalgic for our cool city lives!)

In the Burbsies (before we move in):
1. Break through the wall to widen the doorway between the kitchen and dining room (but, Katie, you and Mike have never done any home improvements without the supervision of a licensed contractor and or Greg. Shh! We are adventurous)

2. Rip up existing and lay a new floor in the kitchen and den (see above issue)

3. Pick out colors by going to Lowes/Home Depot/Sherwin Williams 98343249089834 times and second guessing everything until you realize you are just going to pick whatever Martha suggests

4. Paint / Remove a bit of wallpaper

I can't list these out without risking hyperventilation, but they including parting with moooost of our savings, me changing my name, parting with more savings at stores all over the Delaware Valley including but not limited to a TBD car dealership for a TBD automobile which will be registered to Katie MARIN who needs to change her name because really we've been married for like a year and a half and and and *cue head explosion*

Oh, and the reason for the post title? I started listing (duh) all of my large furniture items to the mover guy on the phone and reminding him that we live on the 2nd and 3rd floor of the place and he just kept going "weeeeelllll" so we agreed we'd do 4 guys instead of 3 to hopefully keep things moving faster.

A certain number of you CLAIM to be interested in such things so here goes, blogosphere, we movin!

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