Friday, April 29, 2011

Window Shopping...

I thought this post could be a change of pace, as there is no actual home to improve upon yet.

However, we are still budgeting for it, so all of my shopping these days has been window browser shopping.  Ugh there is some cuuuuute stuff out there! And on the city to burbsie front, I think I'm actually in more trouble once we move... you'd think that being in the city would lead to more shopping, and it does, sometimes, but I feel like it's more expensive shopping.

I love supporting local businesses, and feel less guilty (well, until the statement comes) about spending more there, but not gonna lie I'm excited to hve easyaccess to places like Homegoods, Target, and even *gasp* malls in Wilmington.

No more will I have to pony up $8 for cheese to make dinner because the closest shop is a gourmet little bodega situation (there is a time and place for 'spensive cheese, I just don't like to be forced into it). And is TAX FREE, hallelujah - no more Nordstrom shipments to Mike's work, I'm sure the department secretary will appreciate. AND no more schlepping to the depths of South Philly when I miss the UPS delivery, which of course, is made during the work day... why, UPS, why?

So obviously, I love to shop on the internets. And here are some of my faves these days just begging to be delivered to my new porch! I hope I have nice neighbors...

Let's hit Land's End Canvas first - they have some really great stuff, and I feel like it's one of my shopping secrets; such great classic pieces at very reasonable prices.

I would essentially just want to live the life of whoever is wearing this outfit. Buuut I don't know if I can pull off the shorts ;)

Then, Lilly Pulitzer. Ahhh Lilly, I want to spend many a brunch/tea/shower in you. 

More realistically, Ann Taylor Loft has some awesome dresses right now, like this one:
and I snagged this on sale already (shh, I have a ruffle problem)

Then there is always great stuff at Nordstrom - these are just sitting in my shopping bag

Then there's my old standby trio of Gap, Old Navy, & Banana Republic - here are some faves

From Banana (that neon pink stripe might be my very favorite):

Good old Gap:
ohh and some boat shoes from Piperlime
and Old Navy of course, though their quality miiight not last past this summer:

That's what I clicked around on this week - hopefully I can save my pennies for a few of these things and not spend it all at Home Depot!

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