Wednesday, May 4, 2011

God: "hahahahahahahaha"

So you know there's that saying, "make plans and God laughs"? Yeah, it's true.

Closing has been pushed back yet again, it could possibly happen Friday, but it's a maybe at this point. The bank has things tied up or something - not going to lie, Mike is pretty much handling that mess, it's jibberish to me.

At least our awesome landlord has no problem with us taking some extra time the first week of June in the apartment, so we might choose to push back the move date to give us time for painting and a little new flooring downstairs. Update: By might I mean definitely. New move date is June 7th folks! A Tuesday, because Monday wasn't random enough...

This is incredibly frustrating! I have had it up to *here* with bureaucracy this week! In suspended license news (whole 'nother story) the "unpaid" ticket that got my license unknowingly suspended was in fact paid in 2009. Sooo, thanks for that Del Dot / Penn Dot, thanks.

There is a distinct possibility I shouldn't have gotten out of bed this morning.

Update: When asking DelDOT if they could mail something to PennDOT, they said "What's PennDOT?"
REALLY?!?! I'm nervous to live among them


  1. ooh, now i see the date got pushed back. sorry to hear that. i hope it gets settled quickly and painlessly! eyes on the prize! xo

  2. May I please just say that I don't know how I survived without this blog?? First of all, I LOVE your humor (you should write a book), and secondly I'm obsessed with your style! So when I hit the jackpot (which will be soon - I can feel it)I'm coming straight to you to fill my closet and my home!
    Crossing my fingers on the closing!

  3. Haha Caitlin, says the girl with like the best wardrobe ever! But thanks! I'll work on publishers, you work on jackpots, and then we'll have a joint shopping spree... preferably in San Fran :)