Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sunday Funday

Well, "fun"day

We'll begin with a shout-out to the two most important purchases of the weekend, a trusty cooler to keep those waters, green tea, and diet coke chilled & refreshing ($13 at Walgreens thankyouverymuch!):
 and possibly the best investment we've made since closing on the house, a new shop vac:
I don't know what we were thinking using a swiffer and paper towels, our newest little addition on wheels has been a godsend, especially since we attacked THE ROOM WHERE TIME STOOD STILL

I have been referring to what will be our main guest room as TRWTSS since we saw the place - even though the house has been generally well-maintained and updated, this one random room still had ancient gross carpet, oddly easy-to-rip-off wallpaper, and let's not forget the sa-weet old fashioned TV mount...

You know when you're doing one thing for a long time and you haven't eaten and suddenly everything is hilarious? No? Just me?

Anyway, this room also seemed wired to be, like, a bunker in the early 90's. Every sort of landline operation available was running through those walls. Need to plug in your fax/ phone/ internet/ cable/ spaceship/ Russian spy equipment? No problem, TRWTSS has you covered...

So all afternoon I just kept saying ridiculous things and then going "Mike! Be quiet! The Russians are listening! We are bugged!" And yelling "take that, Ruskies!" when we cut wires. Poor Mike. And also poor me when I realized the windows were open and the "they" that could actually hear me were our new neighbors. Oh.

So anyway, we completed our mission and finally got to rip up the carpet! 

Mike conquering the carpet

Then I got to work on the staples from the pad, it was awful, but at least Lemon helped (by sitting in my lap, obvs):
Note: I met neighbors looking like that. My suburban rep is probably not great at this point
Here are some pics of the room now, we bought a curing paint that is supposed to leave the walls textured but ready for normal paint (who wants to scrape spy glue off the walls? Not this lady) so hopefully I'll have an update on that next week.
Mike was also able to finish the master bedroom (a nice gray-blue shade) too!

PROGRESS. We made it.

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