Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Guess Who's Back

Shady's back, back ag -- just kidding I'm back. On the blog. With lots of house updates!

Hopefully everyone understands we've been crazy busy, and I'm not yet very disciplined about taking pics at every step of the way!

BUT after a weekend starting with prom (yay Matty!) and ending with getting a Delaware driver's lisence (which may be the comically worst picture ever taken of me. No, like, ever. I almost cried) with about 7 trips to Home Depot (or the H-deep as I like to call it), we got TONS done!

To begin at the beginning, let's just say the weekend had a rough start. We arrived at the house to a jungle of a yard. A week of rain on a lawn that needed to be cut anyway made for some epically tall grass and weeds, and we're in like a real neighborhood - I mean all we needed was a broken down car on the lawn and our sure-to-be-rumored rep as hillbillies or something would be sealed.  Thankfully I found a lawn service (google on my phone - what did I ever do without it?!) and had someone come out right away. And apologized to every new neighbor I met.

While the green outside was offensive, unfortunately the green inside was even worse! That "lovely leafy green" from my last post actually looked like Kermit the Frog (could not be more excited for this btw) had been used as a color matching tool at the H-deep. Ooops. So my trusty consultant Beth and I headed out to find a suitable replacement after looking at some chips we had on hand.

Here is the new color:

We did encounter a couple things, and I might have gotten a bit punchy as the day went on, as demonstrated here when I couldn't get a plate off the wall (bald screw I think):

 Between getting some prep work done and some oh-so-welcome visitors (Paul and Beth) and it being Lemon's first trip to the house, we didn't get as much done Saturday as anticipated... but we definitely had fun:
Trusty Home Depot companion Beth!
Lemon found a discarded curtain to sleep in, though we brought her bed...
and Beth brought our first piece of art!

Sunday was much more productive - next post!

PS - How cute is our little Matty?! PROM!



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