Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Well this was my morning...

My little Matty brother is graduating high school next month! Not sure how that happened

Of course my mom waited until the last minute to decide that yes, she should have a party for like 100 people on graduation weekend, and this requires invitations! Katie, get on it!

Hence, I whipped these up in a couple hours with the help of a scanner, photoshop, 101freefonts.com, and that extra caffeinated tea that allowed me to get into work 2 hours early

Here is the final result!:

He recently decided on UNC Charlotte for school, it's a satellite of University of North Carolina, and it's enormous! Doesn't seem like a satellite at all; evidently it's more like UC schools in California, how they are all kind of their own thing; UNC Charlotte has their own teams and everything - hence the logo on the right of his face.

Plus, rugby is Matt's jam, and he is the captain this year, so I thought using the rugby eagle would be more fun than the school crest (truth times: it is also very hard to find a Shanahan logo bigger than a thumbnail) so I used his college sports logo as well instead of their crest so that it would match up! And he already has big rugby plans there, assuming he doesn't get injured for the 80 millionth thousanth time (yup, thats a legit figure). True story: Matt has getting-to-school-on-time problems, but whenever he is tardy, the attendance person at this point is just like, "Doctor? Ok, go ahead." - he leads a charmed life.

It also really worked out well for me that he's sticking to forest green for his new school - thanks bud!

Now just have to contact my favorite printer for a rush job :) I'm planning on using a 100lb card stock so that these are nice and sturdy, and thinking a 5x8 is a good size to be proudly displayed on fridges everywhere.

Oh, and I had to scan the back of the pic I used...
Gotta love a good senior pic... I hope we "K.I.T." when he's so far away!

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