Wednesday, June 8, 2011

For reals yo

Oh man! Way way way too many things have happened since my last post, and hopefully I will be able to get into all of them in detail soon, but we are IN the house full time as of yesterday!

The morning started bright and EARLY at about 6am, finishing up some packing random throwing things into bags/boxes.  Then the movers arrived in all their hipster glory right on time at 9am.  They were almost cartoon-like but really nice and stronger than they looked! I did NOT put on my ipod for fear of judgement though.

My job was basically to keep the dog and myself out of the way, and once they (and Mike) left for Wilmington, I stayed behind to clean the apartment top to bottom! I have never seen so many dust bunnies in my life! At one point Mike was like "hmm I guess our spring cleaning should become like a real thing. Like maybe we should move furniture or something" then he saw my face and wisely shut it.

Anyway, I keep referring to the place as an audition for Hoarders, and I think people think I'm exaggerating...

Without further ado, I am baring it all - here she is, our house in her current "oh crap we just moved in" state:
The living room.  Nothing is really staying but the TV and stand - couch is for den, but we're waiting on the new floors 

Traumatized Lemon and bookshelves that are also for the den

The dining room looks semi put together! Except the wall color is changing and there's a large unfinished hole in the wall juuuust out of view

Just womp. This will hopefully look VERY different in the next couple weeks

Waiting for new floors!

Laundry room, ready for action!

I don't think that whole parking cars inside the garage is going to happen too soon

Walking in the front door... This is the highlight of the audition tape obvs

We should probably move that stuff before the actual master bed comes

Master dressing area, featuring a shop vac for all your getting-ready needs

The first thing I did yesterday was rip the carpet out of the master closet so I could start hanging my clothes, yay!

Mike said I could have the whole thing!

Office / Fire Hazard

Ughh where does all this stuff come from?!

Crack den aka smaller guest room

Bigger guest room where we're camping out until the bed is delivered.  Yes that is the corner from our couch. This is it's new home.  And you better not be judging the doggie steps! Don't do it!

Mike's Closet!

This really did make me smile this morning - Magnolia tree in our side yard!

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