Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Little Mikey's Birthday

We want need to have some budget-friendly birthdays every this year, and luckily we are both summer babies, so nice weather always allows us to hit up the beach or something for our special day, which is my plan of action this year (yay Green Family vacation 2011!) but Mike decided on his own day o'fun!

It was nice to explore our area a little and get a better feel for some close-to-new-home fun.

After sitting in some awesome seats for a weird Phillies game on the day of his actual birthday with my Dad, I planned to get in on the bday fun Saturday since we both had the whole day off.

His ideal day (note: he's turned 28 not 8) was thus: out to breakfast at Lucky's a cute diner with stellar homefries, then hitting up the batting cages and mini golf at Maple Zone for some super competitive fun and then out for dinner (and ice cream natch) with our favorite Graham to round out the evening.

The batting cage was HILARIOUS - there was this super serious guy next to us who was wearing an ankle brace, gloves, and a tall tee (of course) and brought like 5 bats of his own, for softball slow pitch! Amazing. I couldn't take any pictures though he was quite large and scary, even in his ridiculousness.

I did however take lots of pictures of Mikey's day out :)
Strike a pose
Fine form
About to conquer the links
Sizing up the situation
BAMF (see sign)
So competitive and we ended up tying!
Annoyed at tying
Super excited about tying. But NOT about that sunburn. Owww
I think we had too much fun Saturday - Mike slept until like 11 on Sunday. I haven't seen him do that in MONTHS.

Eventually, we made our way over to Mike's parents' house on Sunday for some fun catch-up and cake!

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