Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Custom Shmustom

Ok, I realize that these posts increasingly belong on whitewhine.com (you're welcome for that one) but we've run into yet another oddity that is really putting a kink in our plans.

We set out weeks ago to order new appliances.  Once through the level of hell that is Sears on a holiday weekend, we got those little items delivered.

There was a slight mix-up with the stove because our contractor had not installed the gas line yet. But no prob guys, we could just wait and then contractor man could install it.

Screeeeeech! (that's the brakes)

This ridiculous stove was like custom set into the counter top! So even though it appeared to be a standard 30" guy that we could switch out, it was only 30" between the CABINETS, the nice little overhang of Corian comes in just enough that the new stove won't fit. (insert a ton of curse words that I won't use because my mom reads this).

So now we have to decide what to do.  Corian can be shaved/cut but after reading some horrifying directiosns, including things like: " ...the resin particles tend to float freely and stick to everything as if they are magnetized... tape-seal and tent the work area and rent an air cleaner to extract the dust from the air. Obviously, wearing a micro-filtration particle mask is a must, and eye goggles may help, particularly if working indoors." Well obbbviously...

Ugh, so needless to say we're a little intimidated about this and considering we wanted to replace the medicinal white Corian in the next 6 months to a year we might just move up the plan and get a new counter top... and have no money for food to cook on our nice new stove ;)

In the meantime here are some pics so you can see - I was fuming and snapping away with my phone.
"Really?! You needed to wedge it in there?" "You didn't want to leave ANYTHING standard? You'd never want to replace ANY appliances"? "Bad word, badder word, cursefest"
30 inch range indeed - Lies!
New stove - clearly the right size
Oh little friend, I was so looking forward to using you soon!

See that jerk overhang?! Ugh.
Stay tuned...

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