Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I'm back baby!

So, what can I say? I commit.

I didn't just buy a house, we bought a house in a suburban neighborhood.  With friendly neighbors. And a yard. And a school. And extra bedrooms.

Well, one less extra bedroom... And one extra Marin!

Yep, as (I think) all of you know, we are expecting to add a little lady to the mix in mid March.  I decided to stay off the blog for the duration of the pregnancy - a) because pressure about house stuff stressed me the hell out, and b) because I am kind of private and not just a little cautious about pregnancy stuff and wanted to keep it off the general interwebs.

But from my limited science know-how I can understand that the babe is all formed up, and just plumping these days (thank god, is there anything better than a chunky baby thigh?!) so I feel comfortable hopping back on here to share lots of house, baby, and life deets with you all.

Let me know what you'd like to see first! Baby Room, Master, Dining Room... nothing is actually done but ya gotta like progress :)

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