Thursday, August 18, 2011


Ok, I really do feel super bad and guilty about this blogging break. It turned into a big one! We have had some weird health issues going on (everything is fine) so house stuff majorly took a back seat and I felt like I didn't have much to contribute blog-wise.

And lots of spare time has been spent with family as well; most of mine is abandoning us moving to Charlotte, NC for: new jobs (my dad, brother), college (other brother), and to finally get that pool they've been wanting for years (my mom).  I'm doing everything I can to hold on to my sister though, including recruiting her as free labor a roommate while she finishes up classes this fall!

We also, full disclosure, just got really sick of doing stuff. I wouldn't recommend moving at the start of your favorite season (mine is summer) because you really don't get a chance to enjoy it and you start getting all whiney and house-resenty even if the nice little house didn't do anything to you, per se. Note: in typing this I realized Mike's favorite season is fall...I hope he doesn't have the same season-based resentment I do, or we're going to be propping up a Christmas tree with a ladder and tools...

BUT we have made some fun updates (that didn't involve power tools or a contractor) that I'm looking forward to sharing.  But sorry again for gettin you hooked (your words) then leavin you hangin. So rude!

And because I like to include pictures, here's a day in the life of lazy homeowners (you can see the new rug and bedspread though!):
What, did you think those were going to be like actual photographs from a camera of Mike and I working away?  I told you, we've been bums! 

Bums whose phones are embarassingly full of pictures of our dog. 

What?! She's freaking adorable.

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