Thursday, August 2, 2012


Ya just gotta let loose!

I made the executive decision today to really enjoy the last time I'd be with 2 of my 3 siblings until who knows when... We are a family that definitely goes with the flow, so I rounded up (read: texted) the troops and we met in the middle for a dinner of fun and drinks!

They made fun of my thoroughly suburban self when I suggested we have after dinner drinks at... Whole Foods.  Who stop serving booze from their (in grocery store!) bar at 8:30pm.  Despite the mommy-friendly last call time, I stand by my tipsy statement that WF is my personal "Disneyland".

And I purchased beer to go and milk from said bar.

Love it!

Fine Dining
Plus, coming home to a husband who volunteered to babysit folding the laundry and a sink magically free of dirty dishes was the Mickey Mouse eats hat on top of my faux Disneyland sundae
Besties just hangin out!

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