Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Window Shopping

These days I seem to have no time (or money really) for shopping, but that doesn't mean I don't stay up too late online shopping and leaving fabulous shopping "bags" all over the internet!

I wanted to share some fun things I'm really considering for this fall - especially because this year I have a person much cuter than myself to shop for! I mean, she looks great in everything, lets me pick every part of her ensemble, and never scuffs her shoes!

It's not the most diverse list, but these are pretty much all the places I shop! And seriously BabyGap has THE best baby clothes. Like, I would wear all of them.  Not sure what that says about me.

In the height of corny, I combined my girl Jules' and my outfits to show how great we'll look when we actually leave the house and I wear something besides yoga pants to Target.i

It's all very mix and match-able, obviously, because it's very possible I have a navy, tan/cream, and stripe problem.  I like what I like! Hopefully you'll have fun clicking around and going "shopping" too!

BabyGap Onesie & Sailor Jeans (!!!)
 Just for Mommy -  Gap - already sold out!, Anthropologie, and Loft Blouses

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  1. This is amazing! I want everything on here